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Founders’ Message

  In this ultra-competitive world of the 21st century, the buzz word is creating and maintaining true partnerships. I am reminded of the story of five fingers who started arguing as to who the best was. The index finger argued that because it was used to point out the direction that it was the best. The middle finger claimed that it was the longest and hence stood above the rest. The next finger claimed that it bore the ring and housed the most precious of emotions hence it should be the best. The little finger piped up that it was the closest to God while praying and hence was the best. Finally the thumb said that the essential activity of writing was not possible had it not been for the thumb and hence it was the best. After countless arguments, they all went to the Brain to ask for a judgment. The Brain proclaimed that whoever could lift a suitcase and transport it over the hill should be given the title of the Best. One by one all the fingers tried to lift and transport but none succeeded. The task still remained incomplete. In desperation they went to the Heart to ask for advice. The Heart replied “None of you is as good as all of you.”

After pondering the meaning of this sage statement, the five fingers curled up and with great ease lifted the suitcase together and carried it across to the other side of the hill. At Bombay Jewellery our theme is that we want to work in partnership with our clients and suppliers. There is room for everybody in this world: manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. We wish to produce quality products using our expertise of four generations to create a win-win situation for all. Our efforts and endeavors extend beyond the relationship of just our own clients – it reaches our clients’ clients – the consumers – we do everything to make sure they are satisfied as well.
Jewellery as a product goes into the luxury class and touches the high ego of mankind. One must remember that for most consumers buying a piece of diamond jewellery still is a rare “once-in-a-lifetime” experience and it’s our responsibility to see that their expectations are met.

Samir & Nayna Mehta,
Founders’ & Partners, Bombay Jewellery Manufacturers

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